Residents of Georgia’s District 5 in the U.S. House of Representatives will decide Nov. 8 whether to reelect Democratic Rep. John Lewis or bring in Republican Doug Bell.

MCDONOUGH, Ga. (AP) — Five people have been arrested following a shooting that left three dead and one critically injured inside a rural Henry County home.

Game: Woodstock Wolverines at Roswell Hornets

The Atlanta Speech School continues to bring the latest research-based education to its students and to impact the education of children far beyond its campus.

Organizations in-and-around DeKalb are helping job seekers with disabilities find and maintain employment while also educating the business community on how to best accommodate these individuals.

Residents recently strutted their stuff at the McDonough Fall Festival on the Square, featuring competitions, exhibitions and scarecrows. The event  included scarecrow contest winners and a barbecue cook-off. 

WASHINGTON -- A former top adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin died of accidental blunt force injuries to his head in a Washington hotel after “days of excessive consumption of alcohol,” investigators reported Friday.

Joel McHale stars in CBS comedy getting prime spot following "Big Bang Theory."

The hole in the Earth’s ozone layer that formed over the Antarctica this September was about 20 percent smaller than last year, scientists say. Early indications are that the ozone hole may be healing, says one top scientist. 

If you’re from Georgia, you know our state has been the birthplace of a lot of legendary musicians and bands. Ray Charles, James Brown, The Allman Brothers Band and R.E.M. are just a few big names that started jamming in bucolic Southern cities and sleepy college towns. So, imagine my deligh…