From the Atlanta Botanical Garden to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, from World War II war bonds to Habitat for Humanity houses, it is difficult to find a nonprofit or public works project in Atlanta in the last hundred years that has not been helped in some way by members of the Junior Leag…


Stockbridge varsity head football coach Kevin Whitley stopped short of saying his 3-0 record this season was a continuation of last season’s 12-1 mark, which propelled the club to the state semifinals.


Douglas County School Superintendent Gordon Pritz is among four finalists for a top statewide award.


Phipps Plaza in Buckhead recently completed work on a striking, new luxury streetscape at its Peachtree Road entrance. As part of the center’s multi-phase renovation, its new entrance features an elegant façade of storefronts representing some of the coveted brands that call Phipps Plaza home.


Jonathan Wolff, the acclaimed musician and composer of 75 primetime network series and best known for his iconic “Seinfeld” music, will host a piano/concert talk at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Atlanta Sept. 25 at 7 p.m.


Can a change of scenery help spark creativity?