The Historic College Park Arts Festival will not be taking place this year.


Mason Massey is now a five-time Thursday Thunder champion.


Lakeside High School’s hallways and classrooms will soon be filled with students and faculty returning from summer break, and new principal Damian Bounds will be there to welcome and guide them.


When Corey Weese and his wife, Kim were searching for safe, fun and affordable options for spending time with their children and found limited options, they created a solution of their own.


Roswell Police Department and both local Target stores are teaming up to host “National Night Out” at City Hall.


The comedy "Bad Moms " fancies itself a "Hangover" for the PTA set. And, while a wild send-up of modern parental perfection — that insidious idea that exists only in commercials and glossy magazines — is a worthy and fresh subject for a fun summer comedy, "Bad Moms" is ultimately rather conv…


Last night we heard from many speakers who gave compelling arguments for why we should support Clinton and those voices are what we needed to hear. It was an emotional and satisfying moment to see President Obama speak for me personally because I was a campaign organizer for him and I feel t…