More guns Rep. Gregory?
by Kevin_Foley
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It was only a matter of time before gun violence erupted in Cobb County. The crime scene was once again in Kennesaw where, as it happens, local State Rep. Charles Gregory has made "gun freedom" his calling card during an otherwise unremarkable first term in Georgia legislature.

Recall it was just four years ago Jesse James Warren shot and killed three people and seriously wounded two others at the Penske truck rental center on Barrett Lakes Boulevard in Kennesaw.

Instead of considering what that hometown horror represented, the three lives destroyed and what might be done to prevent more gun violence, Gregory doubled down.

Let's put guns in churches, guns in bars and restaurants, guns on university campuses, guns here, guns there and guns everywhere, said Gregory when he ran for the Georgia House in 2012.

So what did you Kennesaw voters expect would happen if Rep. Gregory got his way?

Just a mile or so from the site of the Penske atrocity, another shooter, went on a bloody rampage, according to police, wounding six workers, two seriously, before killing himself at the FexEx facility near McCollum Field.

Such heinous acts and the public outrage that ensues aren't a time for reflection, says Gregory; it's not a time to discuss how to end the gun violence epidemic in America.

No when we have mass shootings,Gregory told the MDJ's Jon Gillooly after the massacre of 20 small children and six of their teachers in Newtown, Conn., it's an opportunity for the government to impose more restrictions on gun owners.

“People need to stand up for these liberties right now,” Gregory said in December, 2012, without so much as mentioning the slaughtered babies in Newtown, whose parents and siblings will live with the horrific memory of their little ones shot to pieces by Adam Lanza's assault rifle, the one his "responsible" gun owner mother kept unsecured in her home even though she knew her son was deranged.

To Gregory, who is blessed with three small children all presumably alive and well, the right to carry guns anywhere without restrictions of any kind trumps the right of Newtown, Kennesaw and all other gun violence victims' to live their lives.

Evidently Gregory believes the body count, the permanent injuries, the shattered lives, and the psychological trauma is the price every American must pay for "liberty" whether we own guns or not.

"(I)t’s fighting tooth and nail to get any small bit of liberty back in this country because for the entire history of our country since the beginning it’s been erosion of our liberties," Gregory went on, "and people do need to stand up in defense of those liberties, and also beyond that from a practical standpoint the argument of gun control is just not true, it’s a fallacy."

Oh yeah, Charlie? Call me when you visit the victims shot Tuesday morning. I want to tag along and see how that message is received by those who, unlike you, have actually taken a bullet.

Gregory isn't even original. He merely spouts paranoid, irresponsible National Rifle Association garbage in his bid to get back to the state capitol, transparently pandering to the NRA crowd knowing if he clings to Wayne LaPierre's trouser leg just enough Kennesaw gun lovers will show up at the polls to vote for him.

What a cynical ploy to get yourself elected to a lowly political post.

I wrote about Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety in my weekly column last Friday. With two mass shootings now, Kennesaw clearly needs to become one of those towns.

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May 06, 2014
Yes, I agree. Byron Smith is a nut job.

But the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), developed by the FBI and ATF, already prohibits:

"A person adjudicated mental [sic] defective or involuntarily committed to a mental institution or incompetent to handle own affairs, including dispositions to criminal charges of found not guilty by reason of insanity or found incompetent to stand trial."


However, I see you have already moved on to Benghazi. I'll check in with you over there.
Kevin Foley
May 05, 2014
Cobb Co Guy - "...nut job used a firearm to 'defend' his home...what gun control legislation would have prevented this? That is, if XYZ legislation had been in place, these two teens would be alive today."

How about universal background checks to screen mental illness?

"Nut job" indicates somebody with mental illness, right? Perhaps this nut job had a history of violence. Perhaps he's been in an institution (besides the prison he's living in the rest of his life).

As I've explained to you, the objective of sensible gun safety laws is not to eliminate all gun violence the same way speed limit signs don't eliminate all high speed car wrecks. The idea is to REDUCE the number of gun violence deaths and injuries.

Anyway, you and Gregory have been thoroughly brainwashed by the NRA's "gun freedom" hysteria so go buy more guns.

May 04, 2014
As expected, no one has even attempted to answer my question. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. Let's break this down and take it one step at a time.

In KF's anecdote, a nut job used a firearm to "defend" his home against two teen burglars. We won't broach the subject of WHY they broke into his home or what gave them the "right" to break in. Let's keep this simple for now.

KF, what gun control legislation would have prevented this? That is, if XYZ legislation had been in place, these two teens would be alive today.

In my anecdote, a young mother used a firearm to defend herself and her baby against two thugs.

KF, would any legislation that you support have prevented this young mother from being able to defend herself and her baby? Surely, at a minimum, you can answer this question.

Lib? Haven't heard from you in a while. Feel free to jump in.
Lib in Cobb
May 03, 2014
Every child born in GA is to be issued a hand gun prior to attending kindergarten. That's it. Right Kevin?
Kevin Foley
May 02, 2014
@ Cobb Co. Guy - What?
May 02, 2014
Tragic story, KF. Absolutely. However; I would not label that guy "responsible."

Here's one for you...

ABC News, January 4, 2012, "Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder: 911 Operators Say It's OK to Shoot" by Kevin Dolak and Ryan Owens."

The Cliff Notes version: young mother, alone at home with her 3-month-old baby confronts two thugs who break into her home armed with a 12 inch hunting knife. The husband/father died a week prior, on Christmas Day, from cancer.

I'll swap anecdotes all day, if you want.

What legislation would have prevented your story?

Wilhelm von Mayer
May 01, 2014
Good ol' Kevin writing non-sense again. The new law, not only is not in place yet, but would have had absolutely no bearing on the shooting. He also forgets that the Fedex facility is a gun free zone. (Criminal only gun zone ) as I like to call them.

Please do a little research before writing articles Kevin.
Kevin Foley
May 01, 2014
Cobb Co. Guy, you're probably down with what this "responsible gun owner" did:

On April 29, Minnesota resident Byron Smith was convicted on two counts each of premeditated first-degree murder and second-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Haile Kifer, 18, and Nick Brady, 17. Brady and Kifer were killed on Thanksgiving Day 2012 after breaking into Smith's home.

After spotting a neighbor he believed had previously burglarized his house, Smith moved his car to make his home seem unoccupied and then waited in his basement "with a book, energy bars, a bottle of water and two guns."

Smith also set up an audio recording which captured what transpired. After breaking a window, Brady came down the basement stairs and was shot two times. Smith was then heard saying, "You're dead," before firing a third shot into his face. He then put Brady's body on a tarp and moved him to another room.

Moments later, Smith wounded and then killed Kifer execution-style with a shot under her chin. From The Washington Post:

Kifer's footsteps are heard on the stairs and she calls out quietly, "Nick?"

Then comes the sound of more shots. She falls down the stairs. "Oh, sorry about that," Smith tells her. She screams, "Oh my God!"

Then more shots. Smith tells her, "You're dying," and calls her a "bitch," the AP reported.

After more labored breathing and another dragging sound, Smith calls her "bitch" again. He told authorities that after he moved her, he noticed she was still gasping and didn't want her to suffer, so he fired under her chin with a 22.-caliber handgun, according to a report in the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune reported Smith told investigators the last time he fired was "a good clean finishing shot" and "she gave out the death twitch."

May 01, 2014
An interesting website to peruse is

Google "crime rate kennesaw ga" and, just for the fun of it, "crime rate chicago il". Make sure you click the link for

What is the takeaway from the crime rate data?

Lenient gun laws means less crime?

No, not necessarily.

Strict gun laws means less crime?


So my question is, what legislation, specifically, would have prevented these tragedies?
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