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by Oliver_Halle
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Among the campaign promises Mitt Romney has made so far is to create jobs.  That is certainly music to the ears of the all too many unemployed right now, and to the employed who have seen a decline in property values, erosion of school budgets, less discretionary income, and so many other things related to the down economy.  How Romney will accomplish this we don’t know, especially if his record as governor of Massachusetts is an indicator.  Romney might even agree with that since he only touts his business experience and never his record as governor.  But this I want to give Romney credit for in the making of his promise: I think he is sincere.  

I bring this up because Obama made a very similar promise.  And I believe he was sincere too.  Both promises are what can be call aspirational.  They are well intentioned but depend on a lot of moving parts.  A president can only do his part and must depend on a lot of others to do theirs.  Obama had both Houses of congress when he first came in, but he didn’t have enough votes to overcome the partisanship in the senate.  Two years late the House turned over and the Republicans have blocked all of Obama’s attempts to get a jobs bill passed.  My point is not to debate the merits or demerits of Obama’s legislation, but to argue that Romney is going to face exactly the same difficulties in getting his legislation passed.  I believe that Obama kept his promise to create jobs with the efforts he made.  I also give him credit for trying to keep the promise of closing Guantanamo Bay, despite being stopped by both Republicans and Democrats.  To those who will vote against Obama largely because he broke these two campaign promises and a few other aspirational promises, I can only wish Romney lots of luck.  And to the Romney voters who view these promises the same as, for example, the promise to pay a debt to someone, I have to believe they will always and forever be disappointed.  

On a different topic, a number of bloggers have attacked Kevin Foley for his factual statements concerning Mitt Romney’s avoidance of military service during the Vietnam era draft while at the same time openly supporting the war.  (Full disclosure: I do not know Foley, and have never spoken or communicated with him in any fashion.)  One blogger has pointedly stated that since Foley never served in the military he has no right to comment about Romney’s service. Another raised John Kerry’s service---or lack of service according to his view of it.  To anyone who would challenge Foley for opining about how Romney supported the Vietnam war while taking advantage of any and all deferments he could get his hands on just because Foley didn’t serve, leaves me scratching my head.  Does that mean that current historians have no legitimate voice to write about prior wars or events when they weren’t even born?  How far does one take this illogical argument?  

John Kerry is a different story.  I did a fair amount of research about him in 2004 when he ran for president.  His Silver and Bronze Star medals were earned, and that is actually beyond dispute unless one just hates him enough to make a pointless argument.  Among the evidence for the Silver Star was the other officer- in-charge of the Swift Boat that accompanied him on the mission in which the award was earned.  He is/was an editor with the Chicago Tribune, and his nationally published narrative of what occurred, which supports the medal, is very compelling.  It is interesting that the senior officer that ultimately approved the medal even endorsed Kerry for reelection to the senate in the mid-1990s.  Only in 2004 did he jump on board with the Kerry haters and say that he made a mistake.  How does anyone defend against accusations that are 35 years old?  Imagine someone accusing you 35 years later of not having legitimately earned your college, law or medical degree, that you cheated your way through school.  Those who had questions about the Silver Star in 1969 were duty bound to voice them at the time.  Anything less is cowardice and unworthy of belief without very serious verifiable evidence.

Lastly, the officer-in-charge of the Swift Boat where Kerry earned the Bronze Star after rescuing the Green Beret who fell overboard, told the world that they were never under fire and that Kerry had made it all up.  Only later was it reported that the same officer received the Bronze Star for the same mission, and the citation for his award said that they were under fire during the operation.  When confronted with this information the officer could only say that he didn’t write the after action report.  Yet most importantly, if this officer thought that neither he nor Kerry merited the Bronze Star, he could have turned it in to the board of corrections that all military branches have. He didn’t.  (There are other events that I could cite, but I only wanted to offer up two of the most well known.  I have never supported Kerry’s tossing of reproductions of his medals in protest of the war after he came home.)
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August 02, 2012

The Obama campaign spent about $4,700 on telemarketing services between March and June. The company was in Canada.

The Obama campaign sent another $78,000 to a telemarketing company in Manila.

Wasn't the "campaign" bus he's traveling around in built in Canada?

That is just the tip of the iceberg.
August 01, 2012
Romney will create jobs, yes he will but not in this country.
And I might add...
July 30, 2012
the Democrats seem to always forget the first two years the president was in office. He did not lead. He steamrolled. He also had a super-majority. The Senate blocks debate on House proposed bills now, but Republicans are obstructionists? A better leader would foster honest debate and move both parties forward through the art of compromise. I hope that Mr. Romney will do a better job then President Obama who has not done this in any case.
July 30, 2012
Mr. Halle

If Romney is elected, you may very well be correct; he could be facing difficult times getting certain legislation passed. We'll just have to wait and see.

However, about the notion that the Republicans have blocked Obama's jobs bills. Methinks there is another side to the story; that is, what about the fact that the Democratic Senate has not passed a budget resolution in over 3 years?
Devlin Adams
July 30, 2012
Oliver, thank you for your remarks. I would ask, though, since you bring up the fact that the war in Vietnam happened35 years ago, and that it is irrational to ex[pect people to be questuioned 35 years after the fact about their actions (I think that is the gistof your defense of Kerry against some fo his detractors(, why are people like foley and the libneral machine trying to crucify Romney for his actions when he was a college student and honor bound to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? You step out of the realm of the known when you say that he took adavntage of all the deferments available. We do not even know that he would have ever been drafted, given the low percentage of eleigible kids who were ever actually called. With enlistments and the reserve forces, involuntary service was not at a high level.

All I request of Mr. foley, other than candor, is that he concentrate on relevant subjects and quit dragging up things that happened when he was still squeezing pimples.
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