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An honorable man and a life well-lived: Goodbye, Joe Kirby
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A warning to Georgia from the illegal immigration capital of the world: Los Angeles police refuse to enforce state law effecting illegal aliens
by DA_King
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News and a warning for Georgia, from the illegal immigration capital of the world. Los Angeles police, sworn to uphold the law, have made it clear they will refuse to enforce a state law. Because it affects illegal aliens.

From Fox News:

“The Los Angeles Police Department will soon start ignoring California state law, which requires police to impound the vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days.


The majority of unlicensed motorists in Los Angeles are immigrants who are in the country illegally and have low-income jobs. The LAPD says the state's impound law is unfair because it limits their ability to get to their jobs and imposes a steep fine to get their car back…”

What we have here is a view into the very possible, not-too-distant future. And not just for California.

Georgians have witnessed angry mobs of as many as 10,000 illegal aliens and their organizers take over the streets in front of the state Capitol. Multiple times. The message is always the same: “We are above your laws.”

While the media refuses to report it, these events protesting immigration law enforcement have a heavy communist presence and usually come complete with socialist propaganda booklets (in two languages) that are snapped up by the crowds, raised fists saluting the communist murderer Che Guevara with angry “oppressed” marchers carrying banners heralding the coming “revolution” displaying the names of the endless lists of groups – including the communist party – that promise revenge when the marchers for “justice” are able to vote.

The word in the halls of the Gold Dome is that policy makers in Republican Central have convinced some senior Georgia GOPers that they will somehow get more votes from Georgia Hispanics if they act more like California Democrats. Which would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerously dumb.

It is worth watching to see what that strategy does for current legislation aimed at illegal immigration in Georgia – watch the outcome of SB 458 in the last week of session.

See as much of a March 2011 illegal alien lobby rally video here as you can stand to get a handle on the attitude and tone of just one of the open-borders Marxists who claim leadership of the Georgia’s fugitives who have escaped capture at our borders and now demand “justice.”


The imported-from-the-third-world organizer of the anti-enforcement event and first speaker you see is Adelina Nicholls. Along with Teodoro Maus, former Consul General of the Atlanta Mexican consulate and Mexican citizen, she is a co-leader of something called the Georgia Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR).


She is preaching revolution in front of the state Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The rallying cry - but in a foreign language - is the same as Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan: “Yes we can!” - Si Sue Puede!


She demands what Los Angeles police are openly delivering. She wants Georgiafornia.


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April 17, 2012
Robert Johnson

While I agree with your sentiments, I think your spell check wasn't working.

".geez you are a case. But entertaining."

In my opinion it should not be entertaining, but, irritating.

He is a dyed in the wool, dotty thinking, flaming liberal, with more concern for foreign invaders than his fellow Americans.

On GALEO’s Jerry Gonzalez, “hate”, parasitic, smearing hucksters and the Southern Poverty Law Center
by DA_King
March 13, 2012 02:55 PM | 7629 views | 6 6 comments | 82 82 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

First, my apologies for the repetition in the headline.

It is quite difficult to type while holding my aching sides and trying to focus through the tears of laughter. But well worth the effort.

While I will make it an often visited topic and expand (a lot) soon, it is my great pleasure to write about recent news concerning Gerado E. (Jerry) Gonzalez from the hard-left, wanna-be bullies at the largely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center and their latest release of their annual fund-raising “hate map” (I am not making this up, they really publish a national map of what they say are “groups” that “hate” – they even have them divided up into categories).  Not many rational people pay much attention this nonsense.

But for the illegal alien lobby, it is a large part of their tool box. “Ties to hate groups” is the constant, baseless and shrill howl made in endless hope that pro-enforcement Americans’ message of compliance with immigration and employment laws is overcome.

So let me finally type it: According to the SPLC, Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of the anti-enforcement Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials and well-known, far- left smear artist has ties to a designated hate group.

Even in the twisted world of separatist, ethnic hustling, this is not going to help his ability to keep State Farm, Georgia Power, Coca Cola and UGA’s Fanning Institute - and at least one Atlanta area judge (to name only a few) - on as donors, supporters and board members.

It likely won’t stop the support of Jane Fonda.

In a nutshell: Last Thursday evening, Gonzalez sat on yet another panel discussing, among other things, lamenting the fact that Cobb County government is unfriendly to illegal aliens. On that same panel, organized I am told by local accidental-entertainer Rich Pellegrino, sat a character named Charles Muhammad who is a Marietta Nation of Islam “minister.”

The MDJ covered the event HERE and I blogged it HERE yesterday.

But that was before the SPLC slime-news came out.

The SPLC has officially labeled the Marietta branch of the Nation of Islam as a …”hate group.” See the Spring 2012 “hate map” HERE (go to Georgia) . If you have only seen the usual media cover-up reporting on the SPLC, please see HERE.

New handle for Jerry? Angry Jerry-with-ties-to- a- hate- group Gonzalez. See what I mean about holding my sides?

This is not Angry Jerry-with-ties-to- a- hate- group Gonzalez’s first rodeo with hate group minister Mohammad. They both participated in a similar 2010 shindig at which they attacked Cobb Sheriff Neal Warren and Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway, immigration enforcement in general and the wildly successful 287 g program in particular.

Jerry in 2010: "287(g) is unreformable. 278(g) has been co-opted and abused by Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren, Wild West Warren, which I say with disdain, not as a compliment. As well as Butch Conway in Gwinnett County," said Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. "We're talking about what could potentially happen in Arizona and we're worried and we're upset and we're angry about it. You can catch up on the entire MDJ story HERE.

The SPLC  may be the most comical example and illustration of the filth that is the illegal alien lobby, irony and the effects of the un-American, huckster left smearing their own I have seen. Yet.

As I promised, we will get back to it later and often - and it will be yet another addition to the ‘Jerry Gonzalez’ chapter in my under-construction book.

A chapter that just got as new title: “The Angry Jerry-with-ties-to- a- hate- group Gonzalez” chapter.

Oh, my sides.

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Danny Portee
March 16, 2012
Sammy 57 - King writes that the SPLC has connected Gonzalez to what they call a hate group and you have this charming silly response? I have been reading King and about King for ten years. He is an expert because actually knows what he is talking about.

The press won't tell the truth about Gonzalez, so I am happy to see it from DA. Most of us are.

Kinda makes you jealous doesn't it? King is a bonafide American hero.

Oops! Illegal alien lobby comes to Cobb to campaign for Cobb officials and immigration enforcement – but making more noise on 287 g than some Congressmen
by DA_King
March 12, 2012 11:27 AM | 4005 views | 6 6 comments | 76 76 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

While I am positive that it was unintentional, “Angry” Jerry Gonzalez who heads up one of Atlanta’s many illegal alien lobby corporations was in Cobb County recently campaigning for the re-election of Sheriff Warren and the members of the Board of Commissioners.

The above elected officials owe at least a hat-tip to Gonzalez and other members of a race-baiting, anti-enforcement panel - organized by and featuring the usual suspects - for confirming that Cobb County is unfriendly to illegal immigrants. Oh my!

Gonzalez went on to lament that Cobb was the first county in Georgia to take advantage of the federal 287g program.

According the the MDJ, the panelists at Thursday’s “Cobb United for Change Coalition” meeting were the Rev. Lionel Gantt of the Cobb Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Lisa Davis, CobbWorks program services manager; GALEO Executive Director Jerry Gonzalez; educator Dr. Michael Rhett; and Nation of Islam minister Charles Muhammad.

Since July 2007, thousands of Cobb inmates have been identified as illegal aliens and deported because of 287 g, thereby greatly reducing Gonzalez’s stock in trade and hampering his goal of creating potential leftist voters out of the fugitives.

Gonzalez has been howling about the 287(g) program for years. Obama is currently trying to reduce or eliminate the program by greatly reducing funding.

Note: The sound you may not hear is clear, vocal outrage at the president’s dangerous election year pandering from the some Georgia congressmen. Let me know if I am missing something.

Anyway, it is good of Gonzalez to prove that enforcement works and to take time away from his other anti-enforcement, separatist work to help out our county leadership in an election year.

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lance sjogren
March 13, 2012
Kevin Foley:

I hardly think that pro immigration enforcement Latino Americans object to the term "illegal alien".

Your statement would have been more accurate if you had said that radical anarchist Latino Americans object to the term "illegal alien".

VIDEO REPORT - American nightmare: Black-market labor still a fact of life for public contractor profiteers - taxpayer dollars pay illegal aliens while unemployed American construction workers loose their GOP controlled Georgia
by DA_King
February 14, 2012 02:01 PM | 2320 views | 4 4 comments | 74 74 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Readers who may think that Georgia's illegal immigration crisis vanished when last year's state enforcement law was enacted need to see yesterday's investigative report on public contractor's continued use of tax-payer funded, black-market labor (HERE).

"I-Team" reporter Randy Travis at WAGA TV - Fox Five - has done his usual stellar job in exposing the fact that illegal labor is still a fact of life, business as usual habit for the anything-for-a-buck public contractors.

If you are asking where the outrage from the Governor's office is on this shameful too. I am going to call his office at 404-656-1776 to ask if there is any plan for an official investigation and an executive remedy.

The low estimate is that about 7% of workers in Georgia are illegal aliens.

Maybe another amnesty will fix it...right?

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knee jeck reaction
August 03, 2012
If you will pay closer attention to politics you will see that big gov't contractors like Matthews are strong supporters of Democrats at a local level. Big gov't = big contracts for them. Check out their past political contribution records concerning Roy Barnes and you will see that gov't contractors like them back democrats as long as they can benefit from the spending spree.

C. W. Matthews will appreciate your vote for Obama in the next election. You will be casting the same vote as the illegal alien that did not have to show his ID to vote Obama.

Far left Media Matters gets some airing-out in the Daily Caller
by DA_King
February 13, 2012 02:29 PM | 3375 views | 1 1 comments | 76 76 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
The Washington D.C. - based Daily Caller has started a multi-part report (Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, close coordination with White House and news organizations) focused on the inner workings of the hard-left intimidation tool, Media Matters. It is well worth a read - if only to confirm what most conservatives who go beyond headlines already know: Media Matters works hand-in-hand with the biased and agenda-driven press and the Obama administration to silence anyone who doesn’t toe the party line.

Founded by comrade David Brock in 2004, Media Matters monitors talk radio and the unaligned press to search out and destroy non-compliant voices of the reasonable American majority.

An example from today’s first report: “The group scored its first significant public coup in 2007 with the firing of host Don Imus from MSNBC. Just before Easter that year, a Media Matters employee recorded Imus’s now-famous attack on the Rutgers women’s basketball team immediately recognized its inflammatory potential. The organization swung into action, notifying organizations like the NAACP, the National Association of Black Journalists, and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, all of which joined the fight.

Over the course of a week, Media Matters mobilized more than 50 people to work full-time adding fuel to the Imus story. Researchers searched the massive Media Matters database for controversial statements Imus had made over the years. The group issued press release after press release. Brock personally called the heads of various liberal activist groups to coordinate a message. By the end of the week, Imus was fired.

The Daily Caller also reports that “according to an internal memo obtained by The DC, Media Matters intends to spend nearly $20 million in 2012 to influence news coverage."

It is only February, but it would seem that their efforts have already paid off handsomely.

“In its short history, Media Matters has established itself as one of the most vocal and irresponsible combat organs of the Democratic Party” says Jacob Laksin at Discover the Networks and has produced a very insightful page on Media Matters HERE – which is a don’t miss as well.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The first Daily Caller report can be read HERE.

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Jackie J
February 13, 2012
It is a long and well known pattern... it takes covert operatives to appear to be unattached to each other to begin the cry and the hoots to discredit someone or something. That is the COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS focus. They take a small piece of thread and present it as whole cloth. If people would pay attention they could see the worn and ragged ends, unmatched seams. However, it requires a good eye and an understanding of how the other side plays the game to discern this. To do that would mean taking time away from football, reality TV and all that stuff. most just can't be bothered... until it is their ox being gored.

Understatement of the day award to Sue Everhart – Georgia’s GOP Chair, on Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO: “Radically partisan agenda”
by DA_King
February 09, 2012 04:48 PM | 4282 views | 5 5 comments | 78 78 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Just so you will know: A statement from Georgia’s GOP Chair, Sue Everhart on Jerry Gonzalez and the coming GALEO membership drive.

The below statement is sent from the office of Georgia’s GOP Chair, and our friend, Sue Everhart regarding Gerardo E. (Jerry) Gonzalez over at GALEO, one of Atlanta’s many illegal alien lobby groups. GALEO is supported by Coca Cola, Georgia Power, UGA’s Fanning Institute  and Jane Fonda.

“This month, I was invited to attend an event hosted by the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. While I am steadfast in my support for our conservative Latino Elected Officials, I also have fundamental philosophical differences with Mr. Jerry Gonzalez, the Executive Director of GALEO. It is a shame that Mr. Gonzalez uses his position of influence in a non-partisan organization to advance a radically partisan agenda, and for that reason I will not be attending the event. Moving forward, I look forward to continuing my work with our honest, hard working Latino leaders across Georgia.”

We congratulate Ms. Everhart on her clear command of polite understatement and her never-ending demonstration of conservative common sense and integrity. Sue is always the epitome of the perfect southern lady.

Unlike Jerry.

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February 11, 2012
Way to got Sue and D A!

GALEO’s Jerry Gonzalez named one of “100 Most Influential Georgians” and other amazing tidbits
by DA_King
January 04, 2012 10:33 AM | 4841 views | 8 8 comments | 82 82 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) has been named one of “100 Most Influential Georgians” by Georgia Trend magazine in its January edition. Again.

No, really.

To get a handle on Gonzalez’s “influence” and style, it should be pointed out that pro-enforcement denizens of the Georgia Capitol are forever grateful to “Angry Jerry” for his relentless race-baiting on the crime of illegal immigration, his well-known fuming, disrespectful rants during testimony in Gold Dome committees against Georgia’s illegal immigration enforcement bills over the years and his willingness to personify the radical left on the issue in general.

He served as an ideal educational example for legislators unfamiliar with the illegal alien lobby.

And there is this little gem: “Influential” Gonzalez was recently removed from a Rome, Georgia panel discussion on the subject of Georgia’s recent illegal immigration law, HB 87, hiring legal labor and use of E-Verify because the organization he heads and members of the GALEO Board of Directors are part of a pending ACLU lawsuit seeking to halt enforcement of parts of the law. Apparently the organizers saw a conflict.

Determined to get the anti-enforcement side injected into the event, Gonzalez drove from Atlanta to the Rome event anyway and was soon ejected and removed by local police from the property for screaming at a member of the panel, Georgia state Representative Katie Dempsey. The diminutive and well-liked Dempsey was a co-sponsor of HB 87 and a staunch supporter of E-Verify.

The Rome News Tribune covered the event and reported on Gonzalez’s antics HERE.

Part of the explanation from glossy Georgia Trend on how “influence” is defined:

“..Individuals on the list - some who are very much in the public eye and some who choose to work behind the scenes - are selected for the power and influence they wield. These are the people who affect the lives and livelihood of all Georgians in one way or another…”


You can read the GALEO press release on the Georgia Trend award HERE.

Also notable in the same issue of the magazine: An essay from author and periodic MDJ guest columnist Phil Kent correcting some slips on HB 87 by GT editors in a previous edition.

Just so you’ll know.

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Ted Franks
January 05, 2012
Obama has been caught lying about deportations...

Agency's Immigration Enforcement Claims Not Supported By Own Data

Syracuse, N.Y. — Case-by-case records provided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show that many fewer individuals were apprehended, deported or detained by the agency than were claimed in its official statements — congressional testimony, press releases, and the agency's latest 2010 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics.

The ICE data was provided to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University in late December, almost two years — 582 days — after TRAC had requested it on May 17, 2010.

Details about the vast differences between the agency activities documented by the data and its public statements are laid out in a FOIA appeal filed by TRAC on January 4. The surprising size of the discrepancies, the TRAC appeal said, indicated that either "ICE has been making highly exaggerated and inaccurate claims about the level of its enforcement activities," or it is "withholding on a massive scale."

TRAC's appeal emphasized that this was not an inconsequential bookkeeping problem, noting "that the alleged failure of the federal government to enforce the immigration laws has been a hotly debated topic during both the Bush and Obama administrations."

"Thus, the agency's apparent inability to substantiate the level of its claimed enforcement activities is a very significant matter," the appeal continued. "Indeed it is central to the current public debate on federal enforcement policy in the ongoing presidential election campaign."

TRAC requested a formal agency investigation of the matter or that it be referred to the Office of Inspector General.

With no official U.S. language, HUD now offering aid in 175 languages - bonus info included!
by DA_King
December 28, 2011 12:14 PM | 2027 views | 2 2 comments | 74 74 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

American readers who are justifiably alarmed at the local, state and national cost of providing benefits, services, drivers license exams, educational info and other official assistance and printed material in a seemingly endlessly increasing number of languages other than English may want to look forward for what is coming from Dear Leader and the anti-English crowd in Washington. 

CNS News reports that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under Barack Obama has launched a telephone service that will offer live, one-on-one interpretation services in more than 175 languages.

One hundred seventy-five languages!

From the HUD Homepage:

“Have a question about buying a home, rental assistance or foreclosure but English is not your first language? HUD can help with its new HUD Language Line, a live telephone interpretation service that will allow HUD staff to converse with the public in almost any language.”

Can you say Tower of Babel R Us?

“Almost any language” won’t be enough of course. Anyone remotely familiar with the doctrine of the open borders mob knows that demands for additional languages is not far behind and that the premise will be that all government agencies at all levels must offer to translate into any and all of the world’s languages at anytime. You know, to be “fair.”

By some estimates, there are nearly 7000 languages in the world. Presumably not including Pig Latin, which is not included – yet – in the HUD list of languages in which to dole out taxpayer provided services. Readers who are, well…pro English, should know about a great and effective group by that name working hard to make English the nation’s official language HERE.

You can read the entire news item from CNS News HERE.

Bonus info: A character named John D. Trasviña is the Assistant Secretary of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at HUD.

Astute readers that follow illegal immigration may remember his name from his previous leadership gig at the rabidly anti-enforcement, open borders Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), a far-left group that was created by the Ford Foundation, from which it has received millions.

MALDEF vigorously opposes any English as official language effort at any level in the USA.

My favorite radio quote from MALDEF’s founder, Mario Obledo, in 1998 - repeated live on the air goes like this: 1998: “California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They ought to go back to Europe.”

To no one’s surprise, the dutiful media unfailingly describes MALDEF as a “civil rights organization.” You can, and should, read more about MALDEF HERE.

Jerry Gonzalez, familiar to many readers here as the always-angry and comical chief wanna-be- enforcer at former state Georgia state Senator Sam Zamarripa’s GALEO and darling of Georgia’s liberal media is a former MALDEF employee. Zamarripa is a former MALDEF board member. Jane Fonda is a GALEO “founding friend.”

In any language, this is what we call “networking.”

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LB Armstrong
February 14, 2012
Meanwhile back at the ranch, soldiers' combat pay is being cut and Obama wants to tax investment dividends at something like forty percent. We'll have to provide everything but our first born to be able to qualify for our new mortgage ("You have 1099 income? We can't use that, but if you're here from Senegal, Somalia or Burundi and get a government check, you're good to go!")

Always a good post, D.A.!

Alarming, but true: Illegal aliens receive $4.2 billion in IRS tax credits
by DA_King
December 16, 2011 03:02 PM | 2598 views | 1 1 comments | 72 72 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Among many other watch-dog groups, Californians for Population Stabilization has put out a call fort action to contact your elected voices in Washington D.C. and ask that they, get this…alter existing – and enforced – federal law that tax credits to be given to allows illegal aliens.

Seems a sound idea to us.

CAPS explains to the no-doubt surprised and hopefully outraged reader:

“According to the Treasury Department (REPORT HERE) , $4.2 billion in refundable credits were paid in 2010 to those who filed returns using Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs), a group composed mostly of illegal workers. Only those eligible to work in the U.S. receive Social Security numbers, but the IRS allows illegal aliens to file using ITINs and then receive Child Tax Credits even if they paid no income taxes.

As the Treasury Department inspector general noted, these tax credits are "an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside and work in the United States without authorization, which contradicts federal law..." Now is a most appropriate time to eliminate a loophole that robs Americans and encourages illegal immigration.”

Readers who regard this as a common sense, excellent use of five minutes of their time can click HERE to help and to contact their U.S. Senator. For free.

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December 16, 2011
The thing is...The children the illegal aliens are getting the tax credits for have social security numbers. I don't know how that figures into the equation... The children born here, remember, are US citizens and "deserve" the cash. Right? I mean, this is what I never hear discussed. Come to America illegally, have children, and those children are instantly wards of the state. They are citizens without an income thereby qualifying them for all kinds of governmental goodies. THIS is what drives me crazy about illegal immigration. Not that the parents come here to better their lives or to escape a corrupt government, but the fact that as soon as they get here they promptly start having welfare babies!!!

(Progressive?) Tea Party in Iowa: “Sure, we’ll help with amnesty-again! We’ll back Gingrich because he says he is a conservative!”
by DA_King
December 08, 2011 03:30 PM | 3796 views | 6 6 comments | 71 71 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Don’t look now, but at least one Tea Party group – in Iowa no less - is willing to trade amnesty for illegal aliens from Newt Gingrich for amnesty for illegal aliens from a re-elected Barack Obama.

Somebody named Charlie Gruschow, who runs the Des Moines Tea Party endorsed former “make ‘em legal again” Newt yesterday.

Apparently, the founder of this Tea Party likes the fact that Newt is an authority on… history.

May I suggest all concerned take a look at the year 1986 and the reason we have 12-20 million illegal aliens in the USA, some of whom Newt wants to reward. Again?

You can read more about it HERE from Iowa.

One can’t help but wonder which candidate more Newt - experienced and thoughtful Tea Parties in Georgia will land on.

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Pat H
December 12, 2011
I was disenchanted with the Tea Party when they published their Contract From America and out of 10-15 demands did not even mention illegal immigration.

The single biggest threat to our country, culture, economy and peaceful way of life are the illegal immigrant invasion. The problem is so out of control now that those who profit from them can no longer see a solution.

So why would the Tea Party endorse Newt Gingrich, who was no where in sight when they were starting, and ignore Michelle Bachman, who carried the water since she was first elected? Those who are speaking for the "Tea Party" are speaking with forked tongues. Beware of False Prophets.

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