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Better than “miffed?” GOP Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has “reservations” on Emperor’s subversion of the constitution and amnesty
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Candidate Obama’s re-election amnesty – what next?
by DA_King
August 15, 2012 03:33 PM | 3455 views | 7 7 comments | 25 25 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
By now, most of us know that today the Obama regime began implementation of Dear Rulers’ “we won’t enforce American immigration laws that may affect you, so tell your cousins to vote for me” “temporary” re-election amnesty program. This, a little more than a year after Obama assured the angry open borders mob that as president, his duty is to enforce the law. You can see a short video of Obama making that statement.  Please pass it around.

Originally, Obama told the nation his re-election amnesty would apply to about 800,000 illegal aliens. That estimate has now doubled. Because of the massive fraud that is coming, by the time it is over, if it ever is, it will double again.

Right now, there are thousands of deliriously happy forty-something Mexicans – still in Mexico - waiting for the ink to dry on the documents they have just purchased that “prove” they have been residing in desperate victimhood in Anywhereville, USA for years. And that they are twenty-nine years old. After they escape capture after crossing our border illegally and apply for the Obama amnesty, expect many of them to use a taxpayer paid translator.

Expect the immigration lawyer industry to make a handsome profit on “assisting” the illegals with the minimal application process. 

Oddly enough, there are a great many liberals who refuse to admit that this is a shameless campaign maneuver to boost candidate Obama’s Latino voter turn-out and a direct result of the increasingly powerful illegal alien lobby organizing street screamers demanding amnesty.

 These rocket scientists may want to read a fairly recent New York Times news analysis “After Chorus of Protest, New Tune on Deportations.”

President Obama decided last week on a major policy shift to stop deportations of young illegal immigrants after administration officials saw that he was losing the initiative to Republicans on an issue he had long championed and that he was alienating the Latino voters who may be pivotal to his re-election bid.

In recent weeks, the White House faced intense pressure from some of its closest allies — their voices often raised in frustration — to provide some relief for immigrant communities. The urging came from Harry Reid of Nevada and Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the top two Democrats in the Senate, and the Hispanic caucus in the House of Representatives, as well as Latino and immigrant leaders across the country…”

All Americans should recognize that Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat party are capable of literally anything in Obama’s quest for re-election and fulfilling his promise to “fundamentally change the United States.” And we should all ask “what next?”

If Obama’s poll numbers take another dive, does he choose yet another group of illegal alien fugitives for whom immigration laws won’t apply? Will he simply decree that all immigration laws are suspended until he says otherwise?

Which laws does Ruler Obama suspend next? Where are the Republicans? Can a president who despises the rule of law and the U.S. constitution be re-elected? Can the American Republic survive four more years of Barack Obama? Does the Presidential oath of office mean anything in the future?
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Lib in Cobb
August 18, 2012
It has been widely publicized that President Obama's admin has deported more undocumented immigrants in the last three years than any other president in the last 50 years. I am not sure why DA continues to scream at passing cars about this. The laws are being enforced, a more sensible program regarding the children brought here by their parents has commenced, but DA and his drooling followers continue to scream at those passing cars.

Good luck.

“Foley Facts” - Questioning the accuracy of Kevin Foley of Kennesaw Georgia: What sources are used to manufacture “Foley-Facts” on Hispanic voting?”
by DA_King
August 06, 2012 08:28 AM | 3020 views | 38 38 comments | 40 40 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Recently, while reluctantly digesting (pass the Pepto) more of the writings of MDJ blogger Kevin Foley of Kennesaw Georgia, it was noted that he continually repeats the assertion that Hispanics were once a solidly Republican voting-bloc. Another “Foley-Fact?”

 “Foley-Facts” are different than real facts.

 According to Foley in one of his blogs “The crucial Hispanic-Latino voting bloc, once solidly GOP until the anti-immigrant dead enders like Mr. King, Jan Brewer and Joe Arpiao shooed them off, now supports President Obama over Mitt Romney by wide margins.” Angrily noting that this writer refused his offer to stop referring to illegal aliens as “illegal aliens” in another nugget of wisdom and while insisting that use of accurate and legal terms used in discussion of illegal immigration was driving Hispanics away from the GOP, Foley tells us he has determined that “proof could be found in the numbers of Hispanics and Latinos, formerly reliable Republican voters, who now support Democrats in overwhelming numbers.”

Using the endless liberal attempt to turn fantasy into “fact” by sheer repetition, Kevin Foley, a self proclaimed public relations expert, attempts to educate wonder-struck readers yet again in another blogging exhibition of his political expertise. He directs a warning to yours truly that truth is hurtful and must be regarded as “hate-talk’” with … “yours is a losing position as long as it's predicated on de-humanizing undocumented workers. How do I know? Hispanic and Latino voters - once reliably Republican - have fled the GOP in droves over the hate talk.” (All italics mine)

Angry Liberal Kevin Foley’s “Foley-Facts” have proven to be an ideal, real-life basis for lesson-planning for those of us who try to educate Americans on the crimes of illegal immigration and illegal employment. And he is being noted around the internet for his constant inaccuracies.

Real Fact: Hispanic Americans do not represent a monolithic voting block and according to Gallup, immigration is not their number-one issue.

Like most of us, important topics for voting Latinos are jobs, jobs, jobs, preserving first-world health care and the sinking Obama-owned economy. Only the blustering, research-free, clueless, fringe lefties actually believe that ignoring our laws and legalizing the millions of fugitive illegal aliens screaming in our streets would somehow help in that area. That includes the Hispanic Americans who proudly serve on the Board of Advisors of the pro-enforcement Dustin Inman Society for which this long-time American serves as sweeper, president and spokesman. Foley hopes readers don’t know that (real) fact.

The assertion that the majority of Hispanics were ever “solidly GOP” is the more of the usual “Foley-Fact” goop. Umm…when exactly?

We offer a reminder from one of Foley’s fellow liberal travelers, Carlos Munoz Jr, Professor Emeritus Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley: “the Mexican-American vote made the difference for President Kennedy in his defeat of Richard Nixon 40-years ago… politicians are well aware of the fact that Latinos will not vote as a cohesive bloc - the majority of Latinos are registered Democrats but the ranks of Latino Republicans has increased significantly over the years.” (BBC:“The Latino challenge” November, 2000).

Someone please tell Kevin Foley: Munoz is referring to John F. Kennedy, a Democrat who was elected President in 1960 – now more than fifty years ago. So much for Latinos being “once reliably Republican.” Somebody please ask Foley “when?”

We have taken to referring to his fabricated nonsense as “Foley-Facts” in good fun.  Let it be noted here that Kevin Foley should seriously consider hiring a fact-checker. We offer Politics Progressive Kevin Foley writing about the Tea Party and Congressman Allen West   and the Obama DREAM Act amnesty as just two examples in addition to the blog you are reading. More coming as time allows.

Wanna-be authority Kevin Foley may want to stoop to citing his sources when he shares his vast base of “knowledge” as he oozes down the race-baiting, anti-enforcement road.

Maybe he regards it as a ‘hate-fact”, but Foley should admit that candidate Barack Hussein Obama promised another amnesty during his first year in office. And that the Democrats were in full majority power for the first two years of his presidency. And that the reason there was not an official legalization program passed in congress is because the majority of Americans reject amnesty and identity politics.

And that Obama’s real record  on immigration enforcement is dismal, dangerous and calculated to buy votes from the less-than-patriotic Latinos who will put tribalism over the rule of law. Time will tell the size of that disgusting group.

Meanwhile, readers who have trouble figuring out the dynamics of the voting scenario as applied to “the Hispanic vote” may want to give Sean Trende’s May 28 commentary from National Review a read. Before Kevin Foley labels it “hate-talk.”


The GOP and the Latino Vote (subscription)

Good news: Republicans can do what they think is right

“So why don’t Republicans perform better with Latino voters? The answer is simple: income. In 2008, Barack Obama won 73 percent of Latino voters earning less than $15,000 a year, and 57 percent of similarly situated white voters. (Although many Latinos are white, since “Latino” represents an ethnicity rather than a race, for simplicity’s sake I’ll use “white” as shorthand for “non-Hispanic white.”) Among voters making $100,000 to $150,000 a year, 59 percent of Latinos and 42 percent of whites went for Obama — a sizable difference, to be sure, but much less than the 24 points between Obama’s share of Latino and white voters overall.

In 2004 the pattern was even more pronounced. Among voters earning less than $15,000 a year, John Kerry won 58 percent of Latinos and 57 percent of whites — a nearly even split. Among those with annual incomes over $100,000, his share of both the Latino vote and the white vote dropped — to 50 and 37 percent, respectively.

In other words, Latino voters vote a lot more like white voters when you control for income. The difference is that there are more poor Latino voters than poor white voters, which creates the appearance of a larger divide between the groups when one looks only at the aggregated numbers.

But as the character of the Latino population changes from immigrant to second- and third-generation American, it should grow wealthier, and the income gap between Latinos and whites should close. This should, in turn, help to close the gap in voting patterns. To be sure, a gap of ten or fifteen percentage points between white and Latino voters is nothing to sneeze at. But neither does it spell ruin for the Republicans.”

We hope you will read more about - and from - Kevin Foley and Foley Facts on his MDJ blog.

Somebody should.  But get out the Pepto.

And a truth detector.

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Lib in Cobb
August 15, 2012
@Marie: If I am too "dim" to deserve a response the why did you respond? You are drooling on yourself again.

Illegal aliens take American jobs (duh) – VIDEO “People are hurtin…”
by DA_King
August 01, 2012 02:26 PM | 4688 views | 22 22 comments | 31 31 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

On illegal immigration, the anti-enforcement crowd on both the right and left continually spouts the mindless nonsense that illegal aliens “are only taking jobs that Americans won’t do…” Then they tell us the solution to the crimes of illegal immigration and illegal employment is to repeat the failed amnesty/legalization, path-to-citizenship program of 1986. Transforming the illegal aliens into… Americans.

Got that?

Locally, our ever-dependable foil, MDJ blogger Kevin Foley, qualifies as one of the above “path-to-citizenship-is-the-answer” described lefties.

In a comment post on a recent blog from yours truly, Foley challenges an old friend, Leah Durant, to produce information showing that illegals take jobs from Americans with “I'd love to see the independent data supporting Ms. Durant's assertion that undocumented workers are stealing American jobs.” As long as this character keeps lobbing hanging softballs over the plate, we will continue to smack them into the bleachers.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We think video is worth even more.

Here is a short CBS Atlanta news video for Kevin Foley from Cobb’s recent past on black-market labor taking the jobs. And criminal employers cheating taxpayers.

And for the members of the Cobb BOC who need encouragement to implement an ordinance requiring that all public contractors be certified through the federal IMAGE program. That no-cost process is opposed by the powerful business lobby including the Chamber of Commerce because it would serve to expose illegal aliens on the contractors payroll.

We lack the time today to post any more links to similar videos. But readers can access some of them on the “videos” page of the under-funded Dustin Inman Society Website.

As always, our gratitude to Kevin Foley for confirming the obvious.

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June 18, 2013
By more than doubling the number of so-called guest workers admitted each year, the bill would help create a permanent underclass of foreign workers. The 2007 Bush-Kennedy proposal was rejected in part because it would have added 125,000 new guest workers. The Gang of Eight bill would add 1.6 million in the first year, and about 600,000 a year after that: That’s the population of Philadelphia in Year One and the population of Boston each year after. That is a lot of taxation without representation. And that is on top of a 50 percent or more increase in the total level of legal immigration. While life as a member of an American underclass surely would be an attractive alternative for members of the underclasses of many other countries, the creation of a large population of second-class workers is undesirable from the point of view of the American national interest, which should be our guiding force in this matter.

Friday fun with Kevin Foley and his vast intellect - Or, hey Kevin! Allen West is still a proud Black American!
by DA_King
July 27, 2012 01:53 PM | 2843 views | 11 11 comments | 31 31 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Congressman Allen West
Congressman Allen West
A few minutes to catch up on the Kevin Foley file. This addition is by popular demand.

For those of you who haven’t had the dubious pleasure of reading the goop that Democrat hack Kevin Foley of Kennesaw Georgia writes in newspaper columns and blogs at the Marietta Daily Journal, let this serve as an introduction to his typical mindless, liberal race-baiting.

In April, Kevin Foley, a self-described “Progressive” felt the need to take a swing at the Tea Party and Republican congressman Allen West in a newspaper column  by explaining to the reader that “Tea partiers like West are failing because they see modern America in monochrome. The country has changed since the Constitution was written, yet tea partiers long for the days of when a man — and only a white man — could do as he pleased, however he pleased.”

Got that?

Setting aside for a moment that Tea Party members come in all descriptions and colors, what Foley didn’t know (this guy should get out more) – and what he failed to even research – is that Congressman Allen West happens to be a proud black American.

While reading this little gem here, it took this humble writer a couple of minutes to stop chuckling at Progressive-Kevin-Foley-of Kennesaw-Georgia and his obvious play-the race-card, ask- questions-never style of smearing. Apparently, research is for the less gifted.

It gets better. And more insightful.

The MDJ ran a well written letter to the editor in response to Foley’s silly race-baiting from a local Tea Party leader named Jan Barton with an observation on the above that was to the point in asking someone to explain Allen West’s race to Foley (race, skin color and ethnicity are all very important to liberals).

Mrs. Barton’s letter went like this:

Foley proved facts don’t matter

May 08, 2012 


I am a proud member and leader of a local tea party group. I recently read an MDJ guest column written by Kevin Foley (“West plays ‘Red’ card to hide record” ) in which he attacks U.S. Rep. Allen West as a tea partyer and curiously quotes Benjamin Franklin — wildly unrelated to his diatribe and completely out of context (“We must hang together, gentlemen, else we shall most assuredly hang separately”…what?)

More from Foley in the MDJ: “Tea partyers like West are failing because they see modern America in monochrome. The country has changed since the Constitution was written, yet tea partyers long for the days of when a man — and only a white man — could do as he pleased, however he pleased.”

Race-baiting aside, I don’t think Foley realizes that West is a black American. Could somebody at the newspaper please inform him of that? Neither do I think it would matter to Foley once he gets himself going at painting concerned Americans who do not subscribe to his liberal agenda as intolerant racists. This is a timeless example of the arrogant and facts-matter-not liberal attitude.

Jan Barton


Foley’s posted comment on the online version of the LTE gives us all yet another look into the mind of an Obama voter.

Kevin Foley

Mr or MS Barton,

“I just think you’re unused to reading well-reasoned and supported arguments…” 

Then he had to comment yet again after he gathered himself . You can read both replies from Foley in full online below Jan Barton’s letter.

When Foley attempts to impress us concerning illegal immigration, it gets even more entertaining.

More education on – and for – “I wanna be famous” Kevin Foley as we find the time.
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Robert Johnson
July 31, 2012
Now you make fun of a foreign language ?

Foley - He is saying that the reasonable solution to illegal immigration is to enforce the law and secure the borders, genius. He is saying that we did an amnesty in 1986 and that we know it doesn't stop illegal immigration. He is saying that attrition of the illegal alien population through enforcement of the law is the answer.(I copied that directly from a King column)

He is saying that the hilarious "we can't deport 11 million criminals..." is last year's and last decade's silly talking point that has been abandoned by most of the people who fight enforcement. Lib is so out of the loop.

Foley, if you would pay attention, King has been wrting about that for nearly ten years. You don't understand because it isn't a one sentence point on Huff Post solution offered by your liberal instructors. You don't understand, and neither does Lib in Cobb because you are not quite smart enough to grasp the obvious: Either we have open borders or we enforce our immigratation laws. TRUE: Illegals are leaving areas where the law is enforced - something else King writes regularly. Note the screams from the illegal alien's employers.

That is why King has a reputation for being credible. And you don't. Foley: you need to Google "attrition through enforcement."

And remain silent until you know what you are talking about. On something. Anything. Don't you see that you are a joke?

Progressives for Immigration Reform is a non-profit organization educating the public on the unintended consequences of mass migration…Leah Durant rocks!
by DA_King
July 23, 2012 12:56 PM | 2816 views | 5 5 comments | 24 24 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

A friend of ours for nearly ten years, Leah Durant is the Executive Director head of “Progressives For Immigration Reform”, an organization that (somebody get out the smelling salts for occasionally accurate Kevin “make-‘em-all-legal” Foley) demands justice in immigration by…enforcing American immigration laws.

You can see Leah and friends in a short video from the PFIR YOUTUBE page and visit the PFIR website to see some common sense positions on immigration as related to what many in the media would like you to believe are separate issues. They aren’t.

Leah Durant rocks!

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Marie from Marietta
July 25, 2012
Oh stars. You keep doing it over and over! Don't you know that we have Google and can actually think for ourselves (that is why we aren't liberal, partisian hacks Kevin) and find real live info for ourselves? Try this (the media slipped up again) on Google Kev:

After Pei Wei Illegals Raided By Arpaio,Americans Line Up For Jobs [Video]

Does your mother know how silly you are?

Hola to wannabe experts: Obama’s “record deportation numbers” disputed by people who actually study illegal immigration – MSM remains silent
by DA_King
July 16, 2012 01:47 PM | 3610 views | 19 19 comments | 32 32 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
The constant repetition of the premise that Obama has set some record for deportations of illegal aliens is a good example of the power and complicity of the liberal mainstream media to assist in not only spreading propaganda, but to help Dear Ruler get re-elected while supplying leftist bloggers and posters with “facts” to use in the barrage of comments designed to make it look like they have even a beginners level of knowledge on the crime of illegal immigration. They “know” only what they hear in “the news.” Hello Kevin Foley.

Obama’s 2011 campaign claim to have deported a record number of illegal aliens was happily printed by most of the friendly press and became “fact” because no national MSM reporter would delve into the truth or existing evidence. Including remarks from Dear Ruler himself.

But what is even more telling, the lefties will ignore “progressives” that slip up and let part of the truth out. For the thinking readers, I offer an online copy of a 2011 Dustin Inman Society press release in which we challenged the media to explore the possibility of forming a committee to consider the possibility of having a discussion on actually covering a part of the story that may challenge Obama’s deportation shell game claims.

One part of the release: “...King noted that Progressive Radio Network contributor and 'The Ticket' political reporter/blogger, Rachel Rose Hartman, recently reported on remarks made by the president to moderators during a Hispanic online roundtable - "Open for Questions"- hosted by Yahoo!, MSN Latino, AOL Latino and HuffPost LatinoVoices "Obama was asked to address an increase in deportations that has occurred during his tenure. He said the numbers are "a little deceptive"- apprehensions at the border are counted as deportations in the reported statistics, Obama said..."

The Heritage Foundation also did some actual research and quoted U.S. House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith in disputing the claims:

The agency boasted the record-breaking deportation of 396,906 individuals in fiscal year 2011, labeling its recent efforts to combat illegal immigration a large success. Yet, according to a recent Politico article by Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX), the Administration’s numbers appear to be largely smoke and mirrors. “Take away the illusion,” Smith writes, “and the facts show that the administration conjures up its deportation statistics.”

It appears that DHS has artificially inflated its deportation numbers by including figures on voluntary removals. What this means is that those individuals who agree to be returned to their home countries are counted in the same way as those who are ordered to be deported by the courts. Unlike when an individual is removed under deportation orders, those who leave under voluntary removal can apply to legally return to the United States without penalty.

This “fudging” of the numbers comes on the heels of recent Administration decisions that have served to weaken immigration enforcement within the United States, including the reduction of worksite raids, an emphasis on criminal deportations, and an increase in the use of prosecutorial discretion…”

Also, this newspaper covered the pro-enforcement side of the story with this coverage.

Someone let me know if they found any of this in the Atlanta papers.

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5 year old
July 23, 2012
RTY Jr=-

as a 5yer old, I resent the inference that Foley's Fooleries are at our level of maturity.

In which readers can educate themselves on the growing scandal on the lack of action from the Cobb BOC to keep illegal aliens off of public funded jobs with the IMAGE program: A multimedia education
by DA_King
July 12, 2012 02:25 PM | 1316 views | 16 16 comments | 21 21 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

For those readers who are following the “we must be careful” news story involving the fact that the Cobb County Board of Commissioners started the education process on the federal IMAGE certification process in 2010, announced the intention to apply more than a year ago and publicly signed an agreement with ICE in May, you can see the big ugly bald guy’s public comments (no laughing!) to the Board at Tuesday’s regular meeting and Chairman Tim Lee’s response. Anyone on the Board responding to a public comment is rather unusual.

Be advised that there is zero reason that Cobb cannot require IMAGE certification for all contractors. There is already a state law in place that requires use of E-Verify before a public contractor can have a bid accepted by a public employer like Cobb County. We did that in the Capitol in 2006. And zero reason that an ordinance that has already been sent to the county legal department to be drafted cannot see a vote at the next meeting on Tuesday July 24 – at 7:00 PM.

To many contractors, the terrifying part of the process of becoming IMAGE certified is a federal audit of past hiring documents called “I-9” forms that can expose any use of false or stolen documents – thereby exposing illegal alien workers who are taking food out of the mouths of American workers families.. This is the last thing many contractors want or will sit still for. The Chamber of Commerce and the construction lobby is using all of their considerable power to stall this until they can find an excuse to kill it after the primary election on July 31st.

Serious problems with contractors using bargain basement priced, taxpayer subsidized black market labor have been exposed multiple times here in Cobb County in the past. You can watch a 2010 WSB TV news report – one of several – here. You can also watch a 2011 Fox Five TV undercover report on your tax dollars going to dishonest contractors and illegal aliens.

Two commissioners, Bob Ott and Jo Anne Birrell have already started the ordinance process… three weeks ago. Bill Byrne, one of four candidates for the County Chairmanship, released a media advisory yesterday promising to use the power of the Chairman’s seat to get an IMAGE certification requirement in place. To my knowledge, this is the only candidate to do so. I have no idea where the other two commissioners, Woody Thompson and Helen Gorham stand on the IMAGE certification requirement for contractors. Hmmm…

After spending the last decade on illegal immigration, I can tell you that IMAGE certification is the ultimate tool to insure a legal workforce. Which is why it may never be introduced into the system.

I can also tell you that unless considerable public pressure is exerted on Cobb’s Board of Commissioners, including the current Chairman, this cost-free, 100% effective instrument to root-out the illegal alien infestation in our public-funded work crews will remain a little known, unused tool.

If you want to help, you can access instructions, background and contact information from a recent Dustin Inman Society “ACTION NEEDED” alert our organization sent out this week. If you want to put your name on our email list to receive future alerts you can see the link on the Dustin Inman Society Website’s Homepage.

All politics is local and silence is consent.

Editor’s note: D.A. King is president and founder of the pro-enforcement, Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society and a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration.


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greta gotta
July 18, 2012
these posts are the usual goofy libs - but they have nothing to do with the blog. WHO is running this mess?

From the gone but never forgotten department: Terry Anderson, immigration crime fighter - RIP
by DA_King
July 09, 2012 11:33 AM | 2134 views | 8 8 comments | 20 20 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Saturday, July 7 marked two years since a very dear friend and a great American named Terry Anderson passed away at age sixty. Terry lived in Los Angeles, California, USA which is easily and accurately described as the illegal immigration capital of the world. Terry lived in his neighborhood most of his life and watched as the invasion of California forever changed his corner of America in about two decades.

I post here in case anyone wants to read a heartfelt good-bye written by yours truly to honor someone we miss very much at our house. Another friend, Mark Krikorian, wrote about Terry’s death on the National Review website. It is well worth your time.

One of the things that Terry and I used to laugh about was the fact that because he was quite vocal and effective in demanding an equal application of American laws – even immigration laws and employment laws, even for illegal aliens from Latin America and pointed out that illegal immigration effects America’s poorest first - he was regularly smeared as a “racist” and even a “white supremacist. ”

For the race-baiting Kevin Foley’s of the world, here  is a two-minute video of Terry testifying in congress on what illegal immigration from Mexico had done to his community by 1999. Go for it…

You can see a photo or two of Terry (that’s him holding up the placard that reads “ GRINGOS FOR AMERICA”) at the first pro-enforcement rally I ever staged from the photo collection on the Dustin Inman Society website (“1000 words” page). The one of Terry being checked out by Angry-Jerry-with-ties-to a-SPLC-designated-hate-group Gonzalez of the tribalist, anti-enforcement GALEO always cracked us up too.

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Lib in Cobb
July 12, 2012
Kevin: Since moving to GA 15 years ago, I have met and worked with more than 70 men and women who were most likely undocumented immigrants. I have found each person to be hard working and honest, interested in only having a better life. I have been treated very well by each of these men and women, a smile and a handshake goes a very long way. The "Right" is incapable of understanding that concept.

The "Wingers" have a black and white, legal vs illegal response to immigration, with no room for compassion.

Kevin Foley: “ I was wrong, the media made me do it. But stop calling me names… you bigoted, racist haters!”
by DA_King
July 06, 2012 12:02 PM | 3617 views | 21 21 comments | 33 33 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

This just in! Progressive Kevin Foley has finally acknowledged that despite his repeated proclamations that this writer was inaccurate on the matter, Obama’s DREAM Act amnesty of June 15 was not an Executive Order.

He says the media made him get it wrong. (see Foley’s latest entry on my latest MDJ column comments)Would somebody please tell Kevin Foley the message and topic in my column was that the Cobb BOC should protect jobs and American’s Social Security numbers by using the IMAGE certification tool requirement for public contractors?

Somebody please tell Foley that the media seldom gets it right or complete on illegal immigration?

Foley even included part of an apology in his admission. But he couldn’t help going on to give us further insight into the way his leftist mind functions. In the same comment in which he is admitting he simply accepted media reports even after being told multiple times that the reports were wrong, he feels compelled to insert this little gem: “I think silence in the face of the far right misinformation tsunami (see my MDJ column tomorrow) is antithetical to democracy, especially in Cobb where the MDJ is pretty much the only large public forum.”

“Misinformation tsunami” indeed. What a case this guy is.

And while we are here, can somebody clue-in liberal Foley on the fact that the United States of America is not, never has been and was never intended to be a “Democracy?” 

Foley assured us that he will do better on fact checking in the future. Then, being the arrogant sort, went on to warn me to “You should be sure you do the same.” Yawn. Somebody please tell Foley he can read every newspaper column I have ever written over the last decade and that he is welcome to use the vast superior intellect he still believes he possesses to find inaccuracies in them?

Foley closes his admission and apology with “(I hope you and your followers note I didn't have to revert to sophomoric name-calling to make my point. Would you had that skill.)”

How rich. How hilarious.

Let’s be clear: The first time someone pointed out Foley’s existence was when he assured blog readers that he was an expert at public relations: I have worked in public relations for most of my 35-year career. That's another way of saying I work with words. In my business, the right words can influence, motivate and even inspire. The wrong words can alienate, anger and hurt. When I work with clients, I always advise them to take the high road. Tell your audience what is right with your brand, not what's wrong with your competition's.” This on his way to suggesting that I end any reference to illegal aliens by describing them as “illegal aliens.” “So here's a bit of PR advice for Mr. King: Make your argument, sir, but please take the high road.”

Over the last ten years, it was about the 100th time I had read this parroted variation on the constant ridiculous liberal effort to redefine the English language so as to redefine the fact that illegal aliens are illegal. And, while I seldom do, I said as much in a reply.

“Sophomoric name-calling?” “Take the high road?” Oy Vey.

Having spent far too much time reading Foley’s past columns, blog entries and his ever-present comments on the same in the last couple of days, I see that Foley the arrogant liberal wasn’t at all happy with my response to his call from the mountain-top to use ACLU/La Raza invented, PC terms and refer to illegal aliens as “undocumented workers.”

While apparently incensed enough to go ahead and attack the Cobb community in general, Foley’s high road, “motivational and inspiring” words in response to being rejected went like this: “He responded to my well-mannered suggestions with a smug, condescending justification of his brand of racial prejudice. Yes, Mr. King, it's racial. You can stop pretending now. Along with Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio, you've simply found a way to camouflage your bias against Latinos and Hispanics by wrapping yourself in the American flag and crying "our laws are being broken!". And like a lot of demagogues you're even somewhat famous hereabouts, where it's not terribly difficult to find other bigoted bullies who'll line up with you. Haven't we seen this movie before? It used to be "uppity Negros" who "didn't know their place" in the old Jim Crow era; burning Freedom Rider buses, poll taxes, and Bull Connor's attack dogs. Now it's undocumented workers, most of whom find themselves employed and often exploited by American business owners, doing the dirty jobs none of us want to do: Cleaning toilets, washing dishes, gutting chickens, digging holes. And D.A. King adds to their misery.”

Got that folks? You can read the entire MDJ blog from angry Kevin Foley.

Golly, how surprising. A pro-amnesty, liberal empty-suit who anxiously believes what the liberal media tells him – and doesn’t tell him - on illegal immigration and illegal employment spewing “racist” at anyone who demands that immigration laws be enforced. How unusual, ehh? See what I mean by argument-free, mindless liberal race-baiter?

I will happily pass Foley’s hateful name-calling on to the members of the Board of Advisors of the Dustin Inman Society. Including the proud Latino and Black American members.

Progressive Kevin Foley should get accustomed to retractions, corrections and apologies. And we aren’t nearly finished with this pompous wanna-be yet.

Readers should make it a point to read Kevin Foley and from here at El Rancho King, a large “thank you” to the newspaper for educating its readers on just what a liberal really is.

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Marie in Marieta
July 26, 2012
Lib - he is right so right. You are too dim to see that you want open borders and you keep proving it!

Somebody tell Kevin Foley: It wasn’t an Executive Order - remaining silent and being thought a fool is better than jerking a knee and using a keyboard to remove all doubt…
by DA_King
July 05, 2012 01:02 PM | 3216 views | 19 19 comments | 24 24 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Should I count this as a badge of honor or just plain creepy? Kevin Foley seems to be fixated on… me. Too bad it’s not on those pesky facts. Progressive Foley also seems to be a great legend in his own mind. Count me among the group who thinks his giant self-image is massively overly positive.

At the urging of several readers, I just spent some time reading some of the comments posted below my columns and blogs here at the MDJ for the last several months. Not something I normally have taken the time to do in the past.

Holy cow! It seems that Politics Progressive  Kevin Foley has spent considerable time reading my stuff and posting (and posting, and posting and posting…) on the comments section. He even posts on his own blogs and columns! Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, as exposing the ego, mindset and agenda of mindless, knee-jerk, race-baiting liberals is always educational for people who haven’t been dealing with them directly and daily for more than a decade.

But Kevin Foley seems quite determined to make himself a glaring parody of the above.

Many friends, including members of the Board of Advisors of the Dustin Inman Society, a Georgia-based pro-enforcement immigration group I struggle to run, have made it clear they regard Foley as “a gnat unworthy of swatting.” But it is clear that this character wants some attention. We have decided to grant his wish.

Time permitting; what Kevin Foley writes for the MDJ will now be an occasional focus of this writer. Let’s call it “Foley’s Fantasy Follies Watch.”

That said, for today, out of many possibilities, let’s just focus on a situation to illustrate the wit and wisdom of Kevin Foley that Foley has created entirely by himself, using his arrogance and lack of research or knowledge of topics on which he pontificates.

That being presidential “Executive Orders”, what they are, and whether Ruler Obama has indeed used an EO in his DREAM Act amnesty announcement of June 15, 2012.

He hasn’t. And I wrote as much in an educational addition to a column (‘Cobb BOC not using federal IMAGE tool to protect jobs’, MDJ, July 2, 2012) that ran in the MDJ this week.

The quote from my column on which Foley has volunteered his uneducated but stern opinion: “…Obama made an announcement (it was not an Executive Order) from the White House Rose Garden that he had instructed his DHS Chief, Janet Napolitano, to “temporarily” defer enforcement action on yet another group of illegal aliens who say they were brought here as children and who claim to be less than 31 years old. With raging unemployment, “Dear Ruler” also plans on issuing them work permits.”

Kevin Foley has felt compelled to post several amusing derisive comments below the online version of my column with his typical uninformed bombastic ignorance. One of them goes like this:

Kevin Foley - Not an executive order? Of course it was: In a Rose Garden address Friday afternoon, President Barack Obama said the changes caused by his executive order will make immigration policy "more fair, more efficient and more just."

Don't let the facts get in your way, Mr. King.

I Googled the above “evidence” Foley used. It came from CNN.

It is true that many news agencies have reported that Obama’s DREAM Act amnesty was created by Executive Order and then retracted; from the LA Times on June 17, 2012:


A previous version of the headline referred to a change in the Obama administration’s deportation enforcement policy as an executive order. In fact, the policy change came as a directive from the Secretary of Homeland Security.
Somebody send this to Kevin Foley?

It is also true that many in the liberal anti-enforcement media get their “facts” right and accurate sometimes. Also true that most liberals only to hear a murmur of something in the press that they desperately want to be true to take the “almost fact” and expand it, then present their latest piece of misinformation based on that falsehood. Hello Kevin Foley.

Wikipedia has some basic information on Executive Orders for beginners ( hello Kevin Foley): “Until the early 1900s, executive orders went mostly unannounced and undocumented, seen only by the agencies to which they were directed. However, the Department of State instituted a numbering scheme for executive orders in 1907, starting retroactively with an order issued on October 20, 1862, by President Abraham Lincoln. The documents that later came to be known as "Executive Orders" probably gained their name from this document, captioned "Executive Order Establishing a Provisional Court in Louisiana."

Someone ask Foley to cite the number of Obama’s supposed EO on DREAM Act amnesty? Please?

Note that the White House keeps a (long) list of Executive Orders made by Obama and that the DREAM Act amnesty is not on it. Because Obama simply told his Homeland Security puppet not to  enforce American immigration law for yet another group of illegal aliens and then announced the pandering policy from the White House Rose Garden. Don't let the facts get in your way, Foley.

It is even more amusing that when challenged by a reader, Foley repeats his snarling contention with a quote from yet another news agency that gets it wrong. Conclusion? Make your own, but I suggest Foley takes the sage advice from writers through time “write about what you know.”

A practice which would limit him to parroting the “facts” he is able to glean from scanning liberal media headlines and quoting the far left bloggers and “foundations” that depend on people like him to spread the misinformation on which they exist.

Prediction: Kevin Foley will never admit he was wrong. And I will never get back the hour of my life it has taken to type this up.

But it had to be done.

More to come…

(Note: It’s a hard one, but forced to select just one word to describe far left anti-enforcement liberal mouthpieces, I would choose “arrogant.” “Uninformed” was a close second. I welcome your own one word description in the comments section below…)

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Gordo Meis
August 04, 2012
Kevin Foley, radical leftist, of Kennesaw Georgia, a public relations "expert" is really a wanna-be bully who is an extremeist who opposes enforcement of immigration laws. He is a typical hysterical liberal who uses name-calling to hide the fact that he has no argument.

Potential clients of Kevin Foley should beware of his temper and lack of anger management. He will ruin your product and reputation.

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