Day before MCS schools start
‘Let’s get the kids in here’: Classes begins today for Marietta City Schools
by Michelle Babcock
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MARIETTA — About 9,000 students are expected to walk through the doors of 11 schools today, as the first day of class begins for Marietta City Schools. Last year the district served about 8,800 students. This year, more than half of Marietta’s students, about 5,600, will ride to school in one of the district’s 107 buses, which total about 3,400 miles each day. The district’s Teacher of the Year, Julie Pinto, is starting her 14th year at...
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Milestone: Foundation gives $1M to local communities
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I1NI_OGH_BOAT.jpg The Agitator
The Agitator #179: The balsa wood candidate, Part 2
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Images from the recent GALEO fundraiser breakfast gala as described in my MDJ column today: ...
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Presidential Election
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If the presidential election were today, who would you vote for?